How to select a custom jar on Multicraft

Hey! Thanks for taking a peek, I guess I shall tell you how to upload a jar.

You need to sign into your multicraft panel.

Click Advanced, it should look like this.:

Open that and scroll down to this:

(In the drop-down box select Server Base Directory)

Note: By default, your server is set to read from the Daemons jar list therefor you must upload your jar to the Jar folder that is generated once you set look for Jars into Daemon JAR Directory.

Open FTP

In FTP look for a folder that says jar if there is now folder showing try starting your server up and then turning it off a folder should then be generated.

Drag the jar you have downloaded into this folder.

then copy the name of the jar.

After that save everything then you should see this box show up on your panel:

Pate in the name of the jar there.

After that boom! You're done!
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